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 Packing Made Simple with Armcandy!

Traveling can be great fun, but most would agree that packing for the trip can be a real drag. Now you can change that by using armcandy to make packing an easy and creative process that you’ll love to complete in minutes rather than hours! 

Today’s travel restrictions on the number of bags, size and weight, make packing decisions for the fashionista a real challenge!   Most airlines only allow one checked bag at 50lbs (very strict!), one personal bag (handbag or backpack) and one carry-on bag; and before you know it your luggage is at 45 lbs. and still no shoes or jewelry packed! 

So how do you make sure you have enough outfits with all the matching accessories needed, without over packing? 

OrianaLamarca Armcandy is the answer. In 2011 Oriana Lamarca launched a jewelry line for people who crave style, quality, and affordability. 

Her collection of exclusive stackable semi-precious gemstone bracelets is based on a selection of unique color combinations, all inspired by her international travel and love of color. The collection of curated armparties (sets of 4-5 color coordinated bracelets) created which is her “secret” travel trick that she uses when packing.



Start by choosing an armparty, which has been inspired by the colors and cultures of some of the major vacation spots around the world.  For example, when planning a quick Florida getaway, select bracelets from the Miami Chic collection which includes Magenta Jade and Orange Magnesite. The bright neon gemstones featured in these designs create a super sexy party vibe that will transform any outfit into a showstopper.

The Miami Chic Armparty has all the colors you need to mix and match for any outfit.  It is a combination of neon yellow jade, neon orange jade, magenta jade, blue howlite, green turquoise and a periwinkle jade. By using these colors as a base, planning your coordinating outfits will be that much simpler. 


Once you’ve selected your destination and curated armparty, it’s time to start building your wardrobe for your trip.  Choose patterned or colored tops that match any one of the colors in the armparty you’ve chosen as your inspiration; pair them with white jeans for a super simple and super chic look!


 An all-white or black outfit with a bright colored heel, bag, and lip color that coordinates with the armparty is another great way to achieve a simple chic look.  Pack dresses instead of having to match a top and bottom, it’s a no brainer.  An LBD is perfect for a fancier dinner or a flowing white maxi dress for a more casual feel, ideal to show off your new tan. 



ACCESSORIZE! Armcandy, shoes, bag, lipstick…the finishing touches, the game changers, the most important part to completing your outfit! Let’s face it, every shoe addict wants to bring every pair of shoes they own but when faced with the daunting task of narrowing down two pairs of shoes to take, pick a neutral black or white and then of course, a bright color that matches one of the colors in your armparty. The best part about the colorful armcandy is that they are so versatile; one set of bracelets can take you from a casual day at the beach to an elegant dinner.  Just remember two is company, three’s a party…and you can never have too many!


Keep your luggage neat and orangized! Nothing is worse than a messy luggage and opening up to wrinkled clothes, who wants to iron on vacation? The solution to that are packing cubes.  They are light weight, available in different sizes and colors, and easy to open and close which allows you to easily identify and find exactly what you need without having to dig through the entire suitcase. And more importantly a having  luggage with a zippered flap on both sides is key to truly keeping organized and preventing the contents from shifting during travel.   


At the end of the day, vacations should be a time to relax and create memories from the second you book your flight to the second you return. Most likely you will be taking plenty of pictures as a way to cherish those memories created and you should never have a bare arm in any picture ;)


A few pre boarding tips:

-Travel with neck pillow that has a snap button so you can hang it on to your bag and move around the airport freely.

-Store a set of headphones, dramamine, hand lotion, advil, gum and any other items you travel with in a zip lock so next time you have to travel you are ready to go.

-Travel with a light weight hair dryer. Nothing worse than getting to your hotel room and finding out that theres a 700 watt hair drayer which will now take you an hour and half to dry your hair! Share Conair hair dryer

-I always keep a travel size of all my toiletries in my toiletry case that i use to travel so all I have to add are the bigger items.

-Always travel with a change of clothes in your carry on, just in case your bag does not arrive when you do or your room is not ready once you arrive at the hotel

-Make yourself a checklist. I always break it down to socks and underwear, its such a great feeling to be able to cross off that list!

- I always wear a hoodie on the plane because I get grossed out knowing my head is touching where someone else’s head was resting.

-Another thing I started doing recently is taking a bobble bottle with me.  Perfect when your on the go and need to keep cool and hydrated

-Scarves are a great accessory and multifunctional when traveling. Use it to keep warm on the plane or cover up at the beach.