Silhouette Collection Press Release

“I am woman, I am fearless, I am sexy, I'm divine, I’m unbeatable, I'm creative, I am feminine, I am masculine, I am anything I want” ~ Emmy Meli

In a world where we’ve learned to define beauty by societal norms, this collection is an ode to the female body, a reminder that we define beauty ourselves, and society doesn’t define our beauty.

The human body is a work of art,  a blank canvas for artists alike, from tattoo artists to fashion designers, every “body” is one of a kind. Artists like Botticelli drew inspiration for his famous “Birth of Venus”,  Johnathan Adler drew inspiration from the human body for his collection of vases, and Oriana drew inspiration for her latest “Silhouette” armcandy collection. A copy of the “Heavenly Bodies” exhibit from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a beautiful flower arrange in a white ceramic bust sparked the idea. A collection that would portray the vision that our bodies are “heavenly” and we should learn to embrace all of our curves and edges.

The “Silhouette” collection is a collection that exudes “sexy and sultry” with elegance and ease. Each body silhouette charm is perfectly paired with a classic black onyx bracelet that represents strength and empowerment. Black is a color that goes with every outfit, every occasion and every body type because “sexy” does not fit under “one size fits all”. Oriana designed this collection to be a subtle reminder of just how beautiful your body is every time the bracelets are worn. For Oriana, her armparty has become her “second skin” whether she is getting ready for a fancy evening out or a casual night in, her armcandy has a way of elevating not only her look but her mood as well.

     “My goal is to make people feel like their armparty is their “second skin”, something they can’t live without, something that makes them feel sexy, stylish and confident effortlessly because I, myself, truly feel naked without my armcandy on!” ~ Oriana

This collection in essence represents a rebirth for Oriana, becoming comfortable in her own skin and finding true happiness through her creations. We must learn to embrace not only our assets but our flaws that make us unique and individual.  Sensuality starts inside you, it reflects in your eyes and it can be expressed through our armcandy.